Partners Capital Solutions, Inc. (“PCS”)

is the sponsor and manager of a private portfolio lender and equity provider. We make our own decisions and invest directly from our own private portfolio funds. We’ve funded over $2.2 billion in loans since 2009. We provide both debt and equity solutions for commercial and residential deals from $1 million to $15 million in the Western United States.

We create structured finance solutions customized to meet our clients’ needs, and they rely on us as trusted advisors. We understand their business, listen to their needs, and use our knowledge of the complete capital stack to structure optimal solutions. We commit and close quickly.

From complete application to close in 3 weeks or less.


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Experienced, Professional Real Estate Investors and Developers

Our Clients are professional real estate investors and developers poised to capitalize on current opportunities. They’re smart, experienced and driven. When they create a deal they want it to close quickly, without a lot of hassle. They work at the fast pace of the market, and want a financial partner who does too. Our clients occasionally create deals too complex for other lenders in the under $15 million market to accommodate, on deadlines tighter than other lenders can meet.

That’s why they choose Partners Capital Solutions, and why they stick with us.

  • We make our own decisions and invest our own funds.
  • Our seasoned team reviews projects and issues term sheets within days or hours of a request.
  • We understand our clients’ businesses, and respect their time. Our streamlined process eliminates unnecessary paperwork.
  • We work quickly and close on time, usually within 3 weeks but in days if needed.
  • PCS is a one-stop capital source. Beyond debt, we also can provide equity financing and mezzanine capital solutions for qualified projects.
  • We understand even the most complex deals, and create sophisticated, structured financing solutions to meet our clients’ needs every time.

Sophisticated, Structured Financing for Real Estate Deals Up to $15 Million

Partners Capital Solutions is a one-stop capital source. We understand your business and create solutions to meet your financing needs in every deal. PCS provides:

  • Speed and certainty – we commit within days, and close within 3 weeks
  • Debt and equity capital
  • Simple debt financing for routine deals
  • Sophisticated, structured financing for complex deals
  • Programmatic and line of credit financing for repetitive deals
DEAL SIZE:   $1 Million – $15 Million
GEOGRAPHY:    Western United States

Property Types

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  • Single-Family Residential – Fix and Flip/Fix & Hold
  • Luxury SFR
  • Multi-Family Residential
  • Retail
  • Office
  • Industrial
  • Hotel
  • Self-Storage

Situations Financed

  • High LTC Senior Debt
  • Debtor in Possession
  • New Construction
  • Multi-Property Deals
  • Rehab  Assets
  • Build-to-Suit
  • 1031 and Reverse 1031 Exchanges
  • Multi-State Deals
  • Distressed Notes
  • Discounted Notes
  • Multi-Party Deals

Financing Tools

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Brokers Welcome!

Brokers Welcome!

PCS appreciates the value and needs of mortgage and property brokers. You want a lender to solve your client’s needs effectively and quickly. We assess projects within days and create customized solutions to meet your client’s needs quickly. And upon request, we incorporate brokers’ fees into the documents to be paid directly from escrow in a process that is smooth and transparent to all parties. If your client needs financing, please contact PCS today!.

Partners Capital Solutions, Inc. (“PCS”)

was formed to take advantage of current market opportunities and provide secured debt to experienced sponsors. PCS is not a “loan to own” model and our goal is to conservatively fund projects that we believe will succeed under current market realities. Our underwriting process comes from over 100 years combined experience in traditional and conservative real estate lending that focused on People, Credit, and Real Estate. Our investors are high net worth individuals who share this philosophy and who generally have significant real estate experience. Our investors also serve as advisors to the management team. Most importantly, five of our investors serve on our investment committee and review and approve all lending policy as well as certain loans made by the fund.

Investment Philosophy

  • Do business with experienced sponsors
  • Loans for assets with new basis reflecting today’s valuations and expectations
  • Not a “loan to own” model
  • Be senior secured in the capital stack (1st Trust Deed)
  • Geography limited to metropolitan areas of California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah and Oregon
  • Debt will be limited to the Fund’s assessment of the current value of the real estate securing the debt (typically 65% LTV or less)
  • Property may be commercial or residential and for lease or sale
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PCS is operated by a team of highly experienced real estate professionals

with long and successful track records in lending, development, and property management. With over one hundred years of combined experience in real estate, the principals of PCS have the experience to navigate the current market and provide value to developers and real estate investors.

Gary Leff
Gary LeffChief Executive Officer
Tim White
Tim WhiteChief Operating Officer
Scott Croul
Scott CroulManaging Director
Heather Farley
Heather FarleyChief Financial Officer
Robert Ciani
Robert CianiChief Underwriting Officer
Terri Levy
Terri LevyLoan Closer

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